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icon SeqPup

version 0.9 September 1999

SeqPup is a biological sequence editor and analysis program. It includes links to network services and external analysis programs. It is usable on common computer systems that support the Java 1.1 runtime environment, including Macintosh, MS-Windows and X-Windows.

To use, download this Java application

For any command-line systems, type jre -cp SeqPup.jar app to run.
You should already have a Java 1.1 runtime system
(Note: at this time SeqPup does not work well with the Java 1.2 system commonly used with MSWindows).

Please read the installation instructions included in seqpup-doc.html.

SeqPup is written as a Java application. This means that it will run on most computers. Developers will find the source code in the iubio:/molbio/java/source/ folder, as part of the dclap* source. These are not needed to run the program.