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There are four main types of views or displays in SeqPup:

A multiple-sequence view which is the primary display when you open a sequence document; the single sequence editting view; various print views which result from an analysis, like the Restriction map; and dialog views where you control some function.

Many of these views have dialog controls -- push buttons, check boxes, radio controls and edittable text items -- to let you fine-tune a view to fit your preference. Many of these views also will remember your last preferences.

When a view has editable text items, including the sequence entry views, most usual undo/cut/copy/paste features will work.

Two or more views of the same data are possible. Some of these are truly views of the same data -- changes made in one view are reflected in another. Other views are static pictures taken of the data at the time the analysis was performed -- later changes to the data do not affect that picture.

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