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v0.4 - v0.6 Known bugs and missing features:


- Single sequence editor (Sequence/Edit) is very slow for long sequences (6,000bases)

- Repeated copy/cut/paste of the alignment window entries might cause problems. Copy of sequences between windows may lead to problems. Please let me know if you see this.

- copy/cut/paste/undo and clipboard functions may not be working as smoothly in as many contexts yet as they should be.

- Sequence menu items not yet ready : Dot plot.

- Sequence/translate when done on a subsequence selection, will now leave excess nucleic bases in selection?

- Edit menu items not ready yet: Show clipboard

- Internet menu needs testing & reworking - I haven't tested any of the e-mail services listed since last year.

- Nucleic codes picture shows PICT processing bug -- misplaced text, and an error in biology -- complement of W is W, not S, and complement of S is S, not W.

- Rich Text, PICT and GIF Image format displays all have various display glitches. Documents in these formats will be displayed for the most part but some RTF or images may show mistakes. Some of this is platform-dependent.

- The current release may require some fiddling to install correctly (see Installing).

- improve management of child apps (in progress, e.g., html forms).

- Windows menu should list current windows directly: toolkit needs menu handling basics added.

- Replace-find function is not ready yet.

- Single edit window key checking beep works on name as well as sequence data.

- Scroll bar is slightly misplaced in rich text window.

- documentation (this file) is not complete yet. Need more description and examples on how to use the methods.

MS Windows specific:

- Text editing in alignment window doesn't track properly when window is scrolled.

- printing has not yet been tested from MS Windows (no printer on my mswin box) -- one report is that printing causes crash/failure.

- select-all in align view highlights part of sequence lines when it should not.

- About-app image doesn't display -- due to draw pict bug with non-256 color images.

- rich text display is buggy (bombs on scroll of HELP doc !!) - 32 bit bad, but okay for 16bit MSWin !

XWindows specific:

- command keys are not yet supported as on Mac and MSWin systems.

- fastdnaml child app fails to return results after 1st run?

- application can get confused at times about which window is active and front most. This is obvious when a function such as copy/paste acts in the wrong window. Sometimes repeated selection of items in front window will un-confuse the app.

- There is no printing for X Window systems. This is not really my problem as much as it is the X Window design committee's problem. Among over 25 pounds of X Window programming books I have, THERE IS NO MENTION OF HOW TO DEVELOP SOFTWARE FOR PRINTING FROM X WINDOWS APPLICATIONS. I doubt the XWin committee views this as important, but most software users I know like to print documents on occasion. I'll handle this oversight sometime, but it won't be simple. Macintosh and MS Windows both provide methods for printing.

- About-app image doesn't display -- due to draw pict bug with non-256 color images.

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