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SeqPup Help


version 0.6 development release

June/July 1996

SeqPup is a biological sequence editor and analysis program usable on the common computer systems including Macintosh, Motif/X-Windows and MS-Windows. It includes links to network services and external analysis programs.

This program has already gone thru several changes since its start in September 1990. I don't expect it to mature for another year or two, as my prime programming time is holidays and weekends.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions for new features (see below) are very welcome and should be sent via e-mail to


With any bug reports, I would appreciate as much detail as is reasonable without putting you off from making the report. If you don't have time to send detailed descriptions of problems, please do send comments and reports, even if all you say is "Good" or "Bad" or "Ugly".

Please include mention of computer hardware, and operating system software, including version. Describe how the problem may be repeated, if it is repeatable. If it is sporadic or only seen once, please also describe actions leading up to it. Include copies of data if relevant.

If you need to use land mail, send to

Don Gilbert

Biocomputing Office, Biology Department

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405

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