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This SeqPup program is Copyright (C) 1990-1996 by D.G. Gilbert.

All Rights are reserved.


Biology Dept., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405

You may use this program for your personal use, to provide a non-profit service to others.

You may not use this program in a commercial product, nor to provide commercial service, nor may you sell this code without express written permission of the author.

You may redistribute this program freely. If you wish to redistribute it as part of a commercial collection or venture, you need to contact the author for permission.

The source code to this program is likewise copyrighted, and may be used, modified and redistributed in a free manner. Commercial uses of it need prior permission of the author.

Any external applications that may distributed with SeqPup are copyrighted by their respective authors and subject to distribution provisions as described by those authors. At present this includes ClustalW, by Des Higgins, CAP2 by Xiaoqiu Huang, and FastDNAml, written by Joseph Felsenstein with modifications by Gary Olsen, Hideo Matsuda and Ross Overbeek, is copyrighted by University of Washington and

Joseph Felsenstein.

Distribution of external analysis applications with this program is done as a convenience for users, and in no way modifies the original copyright. If there is a problem with this, instructions to users for obtaining and installing external applications will be substituted.

No warranty, express or implied, is provided with this software. The author is trying to produce a good quality program, and will incorporate corrections to problems reported by users of it.

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