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Coming Features

Here is a list of things which may be added to SeqPup in the future, depending on your interest. Please send in your suggestions! What do you want to see to make this a good biosequence editor and analysis program?

Sequence documentation handling. Currently no provisions for documentation per sequence. This will at least change to a window for any comments and saving it into files (where file format permits). Possibly I will put effort into dealing with the features, references, etc., in a fashion along lines of Genbank/EMBL documentation structure &/or Authorin documentation. Your comments on the importance of this are desired.

Feature table parsing -- pull out subsequences from Gen/EMBL feature info.

Align, single sequence pretty print -- header, page numbering user prefs should be added.

Restriction map -- Could use some speed-up. Some would like graphic map (i.e., one line or circle w/ cut points per zyme).

Simple protein analysis routines, better protein handling.

Methods to transparently use networked child tasks (e.g., on fast compute servers).

-- DONE: see BOP use in 0.6 release

add other child apps - dna/prot distance + lsadt phylogeny analysis,

primer analysis, others ??

add user-configurable menus - read all menus from config file?

add disjoint selections to DTableView -- need for copy/paste among masks

(using table selection as clipboard for masks)

add variable color display in alignment window, as aids to aligning:

2. mask colors (e.g., stem & loop areas for RNA)

improve seq mask operations and usage

- annotate masks, choose which are used for pretty print, which for

align view

add color picker dialog for color tables

add editable data table interface -- Done in 0.6

add name window pane resizer

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