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Pretty Print configuration

These are the current options for the tables/seqmasks.table that provide style information for the pretty print display:


bold - bold font

italic - italic font

underline - underline font

box - put a box line around selected mask region

uppercase - convert base to uppercase

lowercase - convert base to lowercase

invertcolor - invert the colors of the font and background

Use any combination of values for style, separated by space or commas


- use this if you want mult-align repeated chars set to a single character


- set a valid computer font name, like Courier, Helvetica, Times, ...


- set point size of the font


- set rgb color of the font, using 6 digit hexadecimal value, see sample values in table (e.g., 0xff0000 is red, 0x00ff00 is green, and 0x0000ff is blue, 0x000000 is black and 0xffffff is white, 0xaaaaaa is one shade of grey).


- set rgb color of the background behind font


set the style of the boxing line

current values are dashed, dotted, solid, dark, medium or light


- set the pattern used to draw the background color or fill. This

will allow "hatching" types of shades. Not well tested yet (mostly needs

printer output to see).

- set this with two 8-digit hexadecimal values (to create an 8x8

pattern array). You need to experiment with values to find a nice

pattern. An example is fillpattern=0xaa55aa55 0xaa55aa55

Currently you can set four mask styles in this table. These should start with a header like below, but name as you like. Lines starting with ";" are comments that are ignored. The first style in this table is always associated with the sequence alignment mask called "Select mask 1...". The second style in this table is associated with "Select mask 2...", third with "Select mask 3..." and fourth with "Select mask 4...".










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