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You can obtain this software via Internet, using anonymous ftp, gopher or http to the IUBio server at iubio.bio.indiana.edu. It is located in folder /molbio/seqpup. Versions are available for Macintosh, MS Windows, and various XWindows/Unix systems. Please check the Readme files at this archive for recent news. Remember to use binary FTP to fetch the .zip and .gz binary files.

Internet resource locators for this software are




Source code for this software is at


You will need to fetch one of the program archive files for your computer system, its associated child app archive, and fetch the essential and optional items from the "all-systems" folder. For example, this would be

all-systems/ SeqPup.help, SeqPup.prefs, tables/*, seqs/*


mac/ seqpup-mac-68k.hqx and seqpup-mac-apps.hqx


mswin/ seqpup16.zip and spapp1.zip


unix/sun-sunos4-sparc/ SeqPup-sunos-mostat.gz and seqpup-apps.tar.gz

The current software distribution comprises the following items.

all-systems/ mac/ mswin/ unix/


SeqPup.help - help file (RTF format) essential

SeqPup-help.text - help file (plain text) optional

SeqPup.prefs - preferences file (plain text) essential

tables/ - data files used by SeqPup, essential

codon.table dro.cod hum.cod renzyme.table

color.table eco.cod rat.cod tob.cod

appsrc/ - source to applications called by SeqPup, optional

ChildApp.c captest.seq fastDNAml.doc

cap.src/ clustalw.doc fastDNAml.infile

cap2.doc clustalw.src/ fastdnaml.src/

seqs/ - test sequence files, optional

23+28SrRNA.gb captest.fasta fastdnaml.phylip

5srna.gb dros.ig testre.map6

blue.seq ecolac.seq testreseq.gcg

mac: - Macintosh, files are in binhex format


seqpup-mac-68k.hqx - SeqPup for Mac with Motorola 68000 processor

seqpup-mac-ppc.hqx - SeqPup for Mac with PowerPC processor

seqpup-mac-apps.hqx - child apps for mac, both 68k and PPC (fat binaries)

mswin: - MS Windows, files are in ZIP archive binary format


seqpup16.zip - Seqpup for MS Windows, 16-bit code

seqpup32.zip - SeqPup for MS Windows, 32-bit code

spapp1.zip - child apps for for mswin

unix: - Unix, files are in TAR, Gnu ZIP format

dec-alpha-osf/ - DEC Alpha computer with OSF/1 Unix

linux-elf-i86/ - Linux OS, ELF binary format, Intel 80x86 processor

sun-sol2-i86/ - Sun Solaris 2 on Intel 80x86 processor

sun-sunos4-sparc/ - Sun SunOS4 on SPARC processor (or Sol2)

sun-sol2-sparc/ - Sun Solaris 2 on SPARC processor

sgi-irix/ - Silicon Graphics Iris


Readme SeqPup.gz seqpup-apps.tar.gz


Readme SeqPup.gz seqpup-apps.tar.gz


Readme SeqPup.Z seqpup-apps.tar.Z


Readme SeqPup.gz seqpup-apps.tar.gz



SeqPup-sunos-mostat.gz - Motif libraries are included (will run on SunOS 4 or Solaris 2 lacking Motif libraries)

SeqPup-sunos-dyn.gz - Motif libraries are not included

seqpup-apps.tar.gz - child apps for SPARC

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