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Gr2Pix Demo

Gr2Pix icon print Java graphics to Picture formats

Gr2Pix is a set of Java classes for producing pictures and image maps in different formats, from Java graphics. It is useful for programmers, for applications or for web (cgi) programs. See examples in Phylodendron and FlyBase's graphic gene maps

To use Gr2Pix, fetch these parts

  • gr2pix.jar - java compiled classes
  • gr2pix-src.zip - java source code
  • For command-line systems, run as 'jre -cp gr2pix.jar Gr2PixPrinterDemo help'.
  • Find related source code in the iubio:/molbio/java/source/ folder, as part of the dclap source.


    Demonstrations Output Formats
    Base URL for image map links:

    Interlace GIF Non-transparent GIF
    Don't compress PDF

    D. Gilbert, 1999. Gr2Pix - Java Graphics to Picture formats, including Adobe PDF, Postscript, GIF, Apple PICT. See at http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/soft/molbio/java/apps/gr2pix/ This includes freely reusable Java source code and demonstrations.