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This folder contains archives of Bionet and related network news. The archive starts from December 1991. You can browse the archive thru its folders, or search for articles based on key words.

IUBio archive (http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/) contains a public, long term archive of the public news groups in Bionet. Archived bionet news items are a long-term biology information resource, of interest for the same reason libraries contain books and journals dating back decades.

The Bionet newsgroups have been in existence, and archived for continued use, since the late 1980s. Documents about this newsgroup state that it is for scientific discussions, and the news will be archived for continued uses. You can find more about Bionet at http://www.bio.net/, including a similar long-term archive of this scientific news.

Sept. 2002: Robot search and retrieval of IUBio Bionet news has now been disabled, due to complaints from those who posted news in past and now find their names here available to all who "google" others in pursuit of personal information. This is done with some misgivings, as access via Internet search engines has been a legitimate biology news resource for many thousands of scientists and the biology-interested public for years. You can still search and read these Bionet news archives via the IUBio search system. Please confine your interests here to biology news, and not for harrassing or studying the people who have been contributors to this international public discussion of biology.

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